Vinyl production & presales for artists & labels.

Beta Applications are open.

Get it on vinyl

WaxLimited helps artists press their music on vinyl. We offer a presale platform, free shipping, and hands-on advising throughout the manufacturing process.

Less costs.

Presales can cover all costs, leaving you with money to spend, extra records to sell, or both.

Less risks.

With WaxLimited, you can easily measure demand. When your fans want a record, you'll know for sure.

Less worries.

We handle manufacturing and delivery. You don't need to worry about fulfillment, unless you want to.

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How it works.

I. Visit our application page to apply for a WaxLimited release.

II. We'll contact you and help you design your perfect record.

III. Your WaxLimited release will be made available to your fans.

IV. Presales of your record will fund costs (manufacturing + WaxLimited fee of +15%)

V. After a pre-determined number of presales, the record will be pressed and shipped. You can either continue to sell on WaxLimited, or take the remaining records to distribute on your own.

Who we are.

Two musicians-turned-hackers with a couple records and a desire to put more great music on our shelves.

Reach out to us at with any questions. We're happy to talk.

Kyle Billings

Writer, designer, photographer, and electronic music producer. Likes speaking Spanish & French, meeting great people, and stickers. Proud resident of Boston, MA.

Julian Weisser

Serial doer. Founder of Bundio and Passing Note News, folk singer-songwriter, author, and constant student. Soon-to-be resident of Austin, TX.